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Alano Club
of Lahaina

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History of Alano Club of Lahaina, Inc.

The Alano Club of Lahaina was established in 1989 when the founders formed the Club in an empty house at the corner of Dickenson and Lauakini Streets that was once used as a crack house. 

In 1991, the Club moved into and rented the current property.  Our Clubhouse was once the home of Lahaina’s Sheriff and much  of the original building remains intact.  Later, new owners turned the house into the LeBretagne Restaurant, which it  remained until converted in 1991 into today’s Alano Club.

In 1994, the then Board of Directors incorporated the Alano Club as a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation. 

In 1997, the Alano Club was offered the opportunity to purchase the Clubhouse it had been renting.  Since then, it has been in  continued use by the Maui AA and NA  community as its permanent meeting facility.

In an ideal, beautiful and serene setting and truly infused with the Aloha Spirit, the Alano Club now hosts 25 weekly  AA and NA meetings serving tens of thousands of meeting participants each year.

With the simple mission of providing a safe, clean and sober environment for fellowship and recovery, the Alano Club  of Lahaina, Inc. welcomes all Maui residents and visitors to our home! 

Our doors are always open!

Alano Club of Lahaina
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