Alano Club of Lahaina, INC.

Alano Club
of Lahaina

We are open!  Please access the "Meetings" tab for the current schedule.

Aloha from the Alano Club of Lahaina!

Welcome to the Alano Club of Lahaina

Providing a safe, clean and sober environment for fellowship and recovery.

About Alano Club of Lahaina

Alano Club Merchandise

Alano Club Souvenirs

A variety of Club logo souvenir items may be purchased at the Coffee Bar to support Club activities:

> Coffee Mug $10.00

> T-Shirt $25.00

> Commemorative Coin $20.00 

> Baseball Cap $28.00

Stores of Success

Stories of Success


Please click on the link below to access the most current Events Calendar:


Alano Club of Lahaina
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