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10 Reasons to Join the Alano Club

02 Sep 2018 1:01 PM | The Alano Club (Administrator)


1.  For many of us – the Club saved our lives!  The existence of the Club depends upon the support of its members!

2.  There is no requirement to be a member of the Club.  But, the Club is required to be self-supporting and is non-profit.  The costs of maintaining the Club are many and dues pays for a significant portion of them.

3.  The Club’s mission is:  To provide a safe, clean and sober environment for fellowship and recovery.

4.  We are all part of the Alano Club when groups meet at the Club.  But, the Club does not interfere with the operation of individual groups or the Alano Ohana, the umbrella group of all AA Club groups.

5.  The Club is managed by a 7-person Board of Directors elected by the members each September.  Board members are elected for two-year terms.  Every Board member is a volunteer and receives no compensation.  Being a member allows you to vote for your directors and allows you to serve on the Board.

6.  The Club supports recovering individuals and creates opportunities for fellowship throughout the year especially at times when recovery can be a struggle:  Friday night dinners, Sunday Football in season, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are some examples.  Club membership insures that we can continue to provide these events to all those in recovery regardless of membership.

7.  Members receive benefits such as discounts on Club merchandise, a monthly free dinner and discounted dinners on other Friday nights.

8.  Your membership donation reserves you a place at the Annual Membership event each year.  This is a great opportunity to have fun, receive additional information about the Club and enjoy fellowship with others in recovery.

9.  Club membership is a great way to make financial amends to those you cannot personally repay.

10.  Most importantly, by becoming an Alano Club member you are helping to ensure that the Club will always be there to save the next person’s life.  When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, we want the hand of a 12-step group to always be here.  And, for that, we are personally responsible. 

Alano Club of Lahaina
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