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Alano Club Of Lahaina, Inc. Governance

The Alano Club of Lahaina is governed by a volunteer, seven director and one alternate director Board of Directors.  Four Directors are elected every odd year and three Directors are elected every even year and serve two-year terms.  The alternate is elected every year and is the highest vote recipient in that election not elected to the Board.  In the spirit of AA rotational leadership, Board members may not serve more than four consecutive, two-year terms.

The Alano Club officers are:  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Officers are elected each year and may not serve more than two one-year terms.

The Board meets at the Alano Club at 5:30 p.m., on the second Thursday of every month.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Agendas, minutes and financial results are posted in the Member's Only section of this website and on the Club's bulletin board after each monthly meeting.

2021-2022  Board of Directors and Officers:       Resident Club Manager:

Tom M.      President      Tim G.

Brian M. Vice-President Asst. Resident Club Manager:

Jay S. Secretary Blake N.

Julie W.      Treasurer Volunteer Administrator:

Scotty F Director

Anita W. Director

Emily M. Director

Patrick R. Alt. Director

Volunteers:  The Club employs a Resident Club Manager and Assistant Resident Club Manager.  The Club relies on many additional volunteers to provide the services needed by the Club to maintain and manage its various functions.  The Alano Club greatly appreciates the tremendous assistance and support it receives from all of its volunteers in and around the Club and in particular the Club's Volunteer Administrator.

Alano Club of Lahaina
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